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Fresh Seafood

There's nothing like the taste of fresh seafood to remind you of your time spent on the coast. Maine features some of the tastiest seafood in the country, and now you can conveniently purchase the goodness of the sea right here.

We carry a wide variety of seafood that includes scallops, crabs, mussels and clams, as well as bigger varieties such as swordfish and tuna. All of our seafood is shipped quickly and straight to your door, ensuring that the taste of Maine is preserved in each delicious bite. Create your favorite Maine recipes anywhere, such as creamy clam chowder, grilled buttery scallops and succulent fried crab cakes.

***PLEASE NOTE: These products are add-on items which can be added to orders containing lobsters for free shipping. However, if you would like to ship only these items, we will need to add a $89 shipping charge to your order.***

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