Easy Grilled Lobster Tails

Easy Grilled Lobster Tails


1 box of frozen, 4-5 ounce Lobster Tails
2 sticks melted butter
2 cloves minced garlic
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

Cooking Directions

Thaw lobster tails by placing them each in a bowl of lukewarm water for 15 minutes. Mix other ingredients together in a sauce pan over low heat.

Cut tails down the center lengthwise so that they are butterflied.
Place tails in a grill rack and grill over medium heat with the meat facing up, basting often with the butter mixture.

Turn once or twice as necessary.

Lobster tails are done when the meat is white instead of opaque.
Total cooking time should be about 10-12 minutes but can vary greatly with the heat of the grill.

Great served with grilled vegetables and corn on the cob. Serves 8-10