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Chick Lobster-(1.10-1.20lb)
Medium Lobster-(1.25-1.50lb)
Large Lobster-(1.50-1.75lb)
Jumbo Lobsters-(2.0-2.25 lbs)
Jumbo Select Lobsters-(2.50-2.75lb)
Jumbo XL Lobster-(3.00-3.25lb)
Jumbo XXL Lobster-(3.50-3.75lb)
Jumbo XXXL Lobster-(4.00-4.25lb)

Live Lobsters

Letís Celebrate Our Great Nation with Family & Friends!

Affordable Party Packs!

The Lobster Net strives to provide our customers with the best overall value! Quality Maine lobsters at great delivered prices. Live Lobsters delivered right to your door. They come in variety of sizes and priced right for a small Family or a Large Event. You can even add premium seafood sides to make a complete Lobster Feast. Our large selection of live lobsters allow us to grade lobsters and select only premium quality lobsters, which we choose to ship to you.