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Live Lobsters

Celebrate with family and friends!

The Lobster Net strives to provide our customers with the best overall value.Our live Maine lobsters can be delivered right to your door. They come in a variety of sizes and priced right for a small family or a large event with affordable party packs. Simply add premium seafood sides to make a complete lobster feast. Our large selection of live lobsters allows us to grade and select only premium quality lobsters, which we choose to ship to you.

Our live lobster orders include a complimentary kit containing bibs, place mats, wet naps, Maine cooking sea salt and a Lobster Net cookbook with your personalized gift message.
Chick Lobster

Chick Lobsters range in size from 1.10-1.20lbs each

Chicken lobster is an American term, used mostly in New England to refer to Maine lobsters. A chicken lobster's claw can grow to be 45 percent of its total body weight, and the claw is one of the biggest sources of meat in a Maine chicken lobster.

Medium Lobster

Medium Lobsters range in size from 1.25-1.45lbs each

The Maine lobster is the most popular lobster in the U.S. The meat tends to be sweeter, especially on smaller sized lobsters like the medium lobsters that are the most common size landed in Maine and are the standard size lobsters served in Maine restaurants.

Large Lobster

Large Lobsters range in size from 1.50-1.70lbs each

These lobsters are perfect for those who want something special. We have a huge selection of 1.5lb live Maine lobsters available to order. Order a single lobster, a few at a time or even a large package of 50. No matter how many live Maine lobsters you need, we will ship them overnight so you donít have to wait to receive your fresh premium seafood.

Jumbo Lobsters

Jumbo Lobsters range in size from 2.0 to 2.45lbs each

When you are looking for something a little bit bigger and really special, our Jumbo lobster fits the bill. We ship these two pound lobsters to some of the most famous restaurants in the United States. These lobsters are sure to impress! Shipped overnight, to your door, what could be easier?

Jumbo Select Lobsters

Jumbo Select Lobsters range in size from 2.5 to 2.95lb each

If you are looking for something even more impressive than our Jumbo lobsters, look no further! Our Jumbo Select Lobsters will be the focal point on the table for any occasion. Rather you are planning a dinner for two or for a large group of friends, these lobsters will really impress your guests.

Jumbo XL Lobster

Jumbo XL Lobsters range in size from 3.0 to 3.45lbs each

Our Extra Large Lobsters are for the true lobster lover. These lobsters are the perfect size for a centerpiece at the dinner table or for those people who want to eat lobster and nothing else. Lobsters this big are rare and a real treat.

Jumbo XXL Lobster

Jumbo XXL Lobsters range in size from 3.50 - 3.75lbs each

These lobsters are a true centerpiece. They can be shared with someone special or can be served with a group of guests. These really are the perfect gift for the lobster lover in your life. Don't worry about the huge size of these lobsters effecting their taste; they are just as juicy and sweet as the smaller lobsters.

Jumbo XXXL Lobster

Jumbo XXL Lobsters range in size from 4.0 to 4.25lbs each

These lobsters are ENORMOUS! They fill any platter, and then some. Be prepared to have a whole lot of lobster fresh from the ocean with these four pound monsters. Lobsters this size are rare, and a real treat. Be prepared to fully enjoy this exquisite tasting lobster!

Celebrate with family & friends! The Lobster Net has been shipping lobster across the USA for over 20 years. So If youíre Looking for a great seafood experience, let us help you! We tell our customers about all our exciting sales! Please Read Our Customer Reviews And Comments!