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For over 20 years, The Lobster Net has provided Premium Seafood & Live Maine Lobsters to our customers with a taste of Maines finest Seafood. At first, only locals could enjoy these delicious delicacies, but now we sell our gourmet seafood to families, restaurants and chefs all across the continental USA. We have been able to build a sterling reputation as premier fresh live seafood delivery service because of our expedited overnight shipping. To ensure that our seafood retains its freshness, we always aim to deliver your order within 24 hours of harvest.

The Lobster Net Seafood specializes in Live Maine Lobsters and Customized Gourmet Seafood Packages just for you - Maine lobster is a great idea for birthdays, summertime cookouts, picnics, weddings, family reunions, corporate clam bakes, or the perfect unique holiday gift. Surprise your family and friends, or that special someone who has everything, to a cherished Downeast Feast Lobster Bake for two or make it a gourmet lobster feast party! We have Gift Certificates too.

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Cap Morrill's, Inc. has been Owned & Operated by the Morrill family since 1904
and established in the wholesale seafood business since 1959

We provide the freshest, tastiest premium seafood and live Maine lobsters to numerous people within the continental US: homeowners, caterers, chefs, restaurants and supermarkets, ordering one or hundreds of live lobsters. We also provide them with a large variety of fresh seafood, including Maine steamer clams, mussels, sea scallops, haddock, crabmeat and more. This is why hundreds of top restaurants and caterers trust us to help maintain their name and reputation every day!

Cap Morrill's celebrated its 113th year anniversary in business.

Don't forget that the holidays are the perfect time to treat you, or surprise your family and friends with a gift that is like no other! Our lobsters make a great gift idea for that special someone who has everything, except the truly unique gift of tempting live Maine lobsters.

Phil Morrill, President